In 1994, DeGrandchamp Farms began planting cranberries. Currently we have over 40 acres of cranberries with most bogs in full production

Cranberries are in the same family as blueberries and require the same sandy, acidic soils. They are traditionally planted in wetland bog areas. These areas are then flooded for harvest and winter protection. Cranberries can be planted in upland areas if winter protection is provided and the soil requirements are met.

Cranberries make an excellent ground cover with also provides a great fall crop. The cranberries that we sell are the best of commercial varieties.

The majority of cranberries are harvested between September and October, and occurs in one of two ways. By far the most common is wet or water harvest.

During a wet harvest, the fruit is ‘beaten’ off the vine using a specialized harvester while the bogs are flooded. The floating fruit is then corralled and loaded onto trucks for delivery to a receiving station. Wet harvested fruit is used for processed cranberry products like juice and sauce.

Dry harvested fruit is ‘combed’ from the vine using a mechanized picking machine. No water is involved during this process. The fruit is loaded into bins and shipped to our warehouse where it is cleaned, milled, and packaged as fresh fruit.