A Family Tradition

Vincent and Beatrice DeGrandchamp purchased a twelve-acre blueberry farm in 1958. Now, years later their four children and grandchildren farm 200 acres of Blueberries, 40 acres of Cranberries and approximately 7 acres of container grown nursery stock and greenhouses. We have a modern packing and shipping facility with a farm market and offices.

Vincent and Beatrice DeGrandchamp have since passed away but their legacy lives on. Although Vincent did not live to see the first cranberry harvest, he was instrumental in its early development. Beatrice DeGrandchamp was lucky enough to be able to see the farm grow into what it is today. Daughter, Judy Johnson, manages the office and retail. Mike DeGrandchamp oversees the Nursery/ Greenhouse Operations. Joe DeGrandchamp manages the Blueberry portion of the business. Bob DeGrandchamp oversees the Cranberry Care and Harvesting. And at one time or another all of 11 grandchildren have spent time working on the farm.

Vincent DeGrandchamp

Beatrice DeGrandchamp

Bob, Judy, Mike, Nick, Katy, and Joe

Our Story

Wal-Mart recently featured DeGrandchamp Farms in their ad campaign to show their customers where the fresh blueberries come from that are in their stores. With the TV commercial came this amazing piece that we were able to tell our story! Enjoy!

Where to find us

DeGrandchamp Farms

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