Spring Update!

DSC_1388 (1280x848)

Well, another winter came and went, leaving its mark on the fruit industry. After two cold, hard winters, the blueberry bushes came through with varying degrees of damage. Some varieties seemed to tolerate the extreme cold better than others. All varieties showed some injury, ranging from the minor to very severe. That said, the varieties that DeGrandchamp’s grow seem to have an average crop on them.

The honey bees were moved into the fields in mid-May and did a wonderful job of pollinating the blossoms. The blooms fell from the bush white, which indicates that they were pollinated in their prime. Sometimes a gentle shake of the branch will show the falling blooms. Temps have been good as well as timely rains to help size the fruit. My prediction is a crop of big berries this year.

I would expect if the weather continues as it is now, we would be picking blueberries at or around July 10th. This is an estimate only!!!